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Could We Walk a Little Slower

Could We Walk a Little Slower

Can we freeze this precious moment?

Your smile is oh so wide,

With all those missing teeth,

And the way you tilt your head,

It makes me want to laugh out loud

With joy I can’t describe.


There’ll be time enough for frowning

And braces on your teeth,

So let’s freeze this precious moment,

Before it’s in the past.


Might we slow time, just a little?

Because you’re oh so short,

And when you walk it’s like

Your legs are faster than your feet.

You always run from place to place,

Your excitement at its peak.


In time you’ll be taller

Than I can ever be

And you’ll stride and march

Without a falter, in earnest concentration.


So let’s slow time, just a little,

So I can watch you toddle more.


Could we walk a little slower

To the park this afternoon?

And hug a little longer

On the steps outside the school?

And laugh a little louder

At nothing much at all?


Soon you’ll have your friends,

And I’ll have to keep my distance.

Your space will be important

And Dads just won’t be cool.


So let’s walk a little slower

And try to make this last

Because, you see, the problem is

You’re growing up too fast.




I’m Turning One

I’m Turning One