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I’m Turning One

I’m Turning One

Hey everybody I’m turning one!

Help me celebrate this grand occasion,

Come on by and have some fun,

And just in case you need persuasion…


There’ll be a marching band and a huge grand stand.

There’ll be dancing girls and flags unfurled.

There’ll be spouting diplomats and Russian acrobats,


Politicians and a Nashville singer,

A pediatrician and a real gunslinger.

Toys and games and macaroni

And a tired, old dog dressed as a pony,

Puffing dragons, a singing whale,

Even a snake without a tail.


There’ll be great food and a drink or two,

But most of all, I hope…


There’ll be YOU!!

Could We Walk a Little Slower

Could We Walk a Little Slower

Four Dog Haiku

Four Dog Haiku