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When I am an old man I shall wear plaid socks

Which don’t match and a bright yellow hat.

And I shall spend my children’s inheritance on booze, candy,

And trashy novels, and say I used it for an operation.

I shall deliberately drive slow and use the wrong turn signal

And talk loudly to people in public and cry wolf

And touch every appetizer on the tray before taking one

And make up for all the fetters I endured in my youth.

I shall pretend to be deaf,  just to annoy people

And I shall wear my pajamas all day, even to the bank.

And I’ll swear. A lot.


I can make things up about the “Old Days”

And eat steak and fries every night

Or just dry cereal and peanut butter for weeks

And steal things, like batteries and dinner rolls.


I wonder if old men know how good they have it

With no one to answer to and the excuse of age to use whenever they want

And no worries about the future

Or what others must think.


Maybe I should start now for practice?

So that it won’t be too hard to find socks that don’t match

And swearing will come easy.




Could We Walk a Little Slower

Could We Walk a Little Slower