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NG Found Poem

NG Found Poem

Drilled finger-pointing had not yet arrived.

Agriculture, in protein for our unselfishness, 

Erected concrete roofs, so we looked beyond. 

And suddenly one photo, a world of wonder with

Blue sky miles and light, burst forth with

Paternal, incubated, magnetic stacked rings.

Precious energy of cumulonimbus moisture 

Warmer, wetter on a centuries-old planet that

Holds water plus swelling disaster hours. 

Old pencils are dispatched with the

Elusiveness of some of the things that

Are confined to the efforts, keen to save ailments.

Gut balm and massive builders belt out

Clearly vast dispersants, trying to organize,

Pull, and skim from black smoke in frenzies,

Fleets of leases that do not keep pace. In a death,

Stuck in a long string plug, circulating before

Matters bubble in the straw of shallow telephone stations.

Pilot decisions are there to create older,

Used sea lions that burn every ounce of struggling.

Moratoriums dispersed in three-inch thick slabs are

Highly fumed, toxic dish plumes with the volume of

Highly caustic cobalt blue eyes in an energy sea,

Barriers so thin they will literally jump.

Without these migrating birds, rich naturalist land is

Broken and spits gobs, and strips bird rookeries every 

Morning, which look like fist-size burlap bags.

Locals maintain good relations. This propels them to

Destroy, not ride, rounded out. Heavily hit, some boom

Leaves, lightly oiled, keep changing complex delays.

We saw today, wrecked by the work, extirpated,

Mustered, help did not arrive till bitterly chaotic,

Wrapped like an airboat pulling an old toilet, it 

Tainted and spilt plenty of natural flow from muskrat dens.

Lightly oiled block sediment starves and impacts

Gobs skimming my blue wilderness, disappearing for a lifetime.

Meadows are reasons for hope with living light startled,

Prospering, consciously protected from an avalanche of

Hope for the future. That’s the problem. Dull grey, stable 

Impact on the sea and food chain web. Impact of that

Nation of  illusion of abundance, grossly shrunken

Like a roadblock or a way to our diets.

Targets argue and promote reserves, rebuilding 

Dwindling scraps for an unrivaled predator that

Thrives in pitfall traps, slithers through the epoch, a

Hippo-like creature, created for havoc, a most baffling,

Parched and denuded thing from an advanced planet,

From our future with the population dispersed into islands.

Blurry rapid-fire layers and the very young mixed with

Another famous boneyard, lumbering, bones and fossilized

Spelunkers fly boomerangs at the jewels. Plenty brush by

Necessity and make tongue distinctions to speak laboriously. 

Most of us stumble on iconic details and human essence. This

Satellite diseased child is gentle to field students.

Field escorts safely guide grassy babies to a hundred standards.

Nurseries benefit from increased near-impossible challenges, while

For breakfast, burly and confident, understanding the intimate

Relations of a hierarchy of personal charm, personal examples

Breathe and stop horses in the high mountains despite

Restrictions of deep bread slathered with peanut butter syrup.

UCSC Found Poem

UCSC Found Poem

Weekly Found Poem

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