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UCSC Found Poem

UCSC Found Poem

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Relationship artists’ career experiences.

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Melted compounds, and melted snowpack.

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Demonstrating strong ties to photobombing.

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laced with subjugation, they participate in

Innovation of organic sustainable teams focused

On life-long conspiracy tousling.

Dreams of opera giants with website insights,

Socializing challenges, and prayers for the 

Driest surface state, usually voluntary and

Devastatingly vivid coils, dials, and osmosis drinks.

Shrinks in most cities at crisis time,

reclaimed forces for plants and agreements to

Dry sciences. Toilets inevitably continued to decline.

Bumper crop shortfalls caused students of icing to

Roll asphalt reductions and aquifers.

Recharge and pursue multiple challenges so

Surfboards and trapper tacticians can fuel

Mind-blowing vertebrates shipwrecked in a 

Chain-reaction using cruel gut deaths. Meanwhile,

Videos protect deck pine and the cloven-hooved.

Laborers to snapdragon nests and pupils

flicked beneficiaries of homes in

Kindness when blackboards with senior guys 

Got together with frog sleeves and ripple impact 

Trained connections and warm satisfaction glue.

Quixotic, reconnected historians and dilettantes

Hope for the timeline guitar and a little cannabis.

Punctured novels credit computers with pursuit of

collaborator arts, live, unmistakable crafts that write

Beach songs of reason, apathy, and freaking dance jobs.

Wired Found Poem

Wired Found Poem

NG Found Poem

NG Found Poem