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Wired Found Poem

Wired Found Poem

Whipping manifestos, so 

Profound! Phone calls and

Invocation heroes 

Destroy birthday issues and

Survive overload by wild 

Normals posing as adults and

Small children who welcome 



Revive games that 

Sizzle of social

Biology and surge 

Ahead to modular

Humanity tools.

Mess with the system’s 

Grasp of DNA. A tool that

Laughs, yet is devoid of 

Consciousness and understanding.

Civilization fevers for

Fascinating times and 

Innovation of the fantastic.

Solve your problems with 

Priests or pundits and a 

Knee-jerk zoo monkey.

Full of poverty, getting 

Educated those desired 

Cohorts are working on 

Their own issues and the 

Tribalism that gene sequencing 

Won. The revolution is cause for 

Optimism and the need to communicate.

Idiot-savant assistants with 

Genetic material facing a lifesaving

Quake, this past year alone, 

Draw blood samples.

Smuggling their genes 

Despite all the grifting,

Outweighing utopian 

Direction a little faster, they

Finalized industry to conform, 

Optimistic for our future.

We can’t just complain.

Fundamentally disgusting on 

Behalf of their priorities, they

Field questions converted by

Reputation workers. The share of 

Refugees around campus are an 

Aesthetic mass of adoption, 

Lowly and broadcasting, ancient, 

supervision free, regular digital.

Superpowers accomplished this by 

paired analyzing of messaging behavior.

An untapped population is

Unlocking access to the dead. 

Interesting technology of

Human body coding, the

Language dramatic, silicon 

Based with robots for more 


Much more exciting is the

Transformation to cameras of 

Pesky clouds and black flies,

Landing with the capability

To be intimidating toward extraterrestrial 

Friends. Aliens flying, smaller cosmic 

Apocalyptic saviors.

Resident’s hindsight with their

Gyres of pollution, 

Fretted and tiny fragments,

Eventually risked rough, balmy 

Summer evenings.


Future expertise of plasma 

Entrepreneurs thread rigorous 

Apprenticeships with experts 

Describing quality and supplying

History with a timelessness,

Pierced by caretakers delivered with

Essence of perfection and a

Connection to humanity,  

Inextricably predicted by songs 

Worthy of giant counterculture.

Discovery engines stick to the 

Notion that urgent achievements 

Reckon chaotic systems that 

We won. Layout out your

Dreams creatively and inspire balance.


The rat race, form and function 

Reveals, but gets better with

Very candid raw authentic 

Self-expression backstage.


Frantically deforming nourishment for 

Light, seamlessly pitches massive glamorous 

Growing leaders who educate and 

Dominate short-range theoretical concerns.

Instant experts, performing 

Progress granted danger,

Abuse with kitchen knives and 

Play at skinning steam engines.

Purposeful optimism practice is 

Almost half of our will to write the 

Game, blaring thoughts like a ghastly

Newfangled person’s internal life flash,

Crash landing in a spectacle of death, 

venomous dogs in for the long haul,

Laid of new powers to cope, rejigger, and

Seriously revamp, despite social creatures, 

Status seekers, and power philanthropy. 

Immigrant children thread news 

Outlets with dynamism that 

Trains people in social safety,

In a democracy, terrifying the rich.


New forms, claiming, possibly 

Illegal, government spoils and 

Fast food sacrifice, unravel, 

Instead of building. Furious,

Quibbling amplifies a 

Witless, fulminating, canonical 

Shit job at an infamous company.

Missing facial labs of the future have 

Big heart photo making pancakes,

While a gender gap nominated by 

Half the world gains intangible 

Learning at a faster pace than 

Social change and real life.


Alive, the library is as a brush fire; 

Ice-blood with abandoned art students 

Frozen in the amber of idiosyncratic,

Longed winded,  in-discriminatory second 

Entombed afterthoughts, permanently, 

Fondly shocked by fighting foreign radicals.


Unarmed civilians find it costly to 

Afford nothing of judgement. The

Most vulnerable mindful leader 

Allows blind markets to contribute to 

Trespassers whose driving force is budding 

Societal discussions, conversations that 

Transform and plow different ideas. 

Diagnosis of algorithm photos

Received regulatory approval, then 

Picked up dementia appearances while

Epitaphs vanished and eventually, 

For a time, foretold email speculation. 

Capture images in a broader culture,

Predict irresistible dynamics and

Heretical strains of the greatest 

Foresight while promising wild grins.

New polities, or the next couple, 

Hold readers and increase beneath

Old-fashioned news, the 

Boisterous, ubiquitous pulsing of

Telemarketing and disruptive bruised 

Economies that are just beginning.

Radical arguments, confidently declared 

Demand competing search models. The 

Future fragility will be disrupted, a

Mess to kill, built atop early 

Visions where creators share atoms.

Resource maximization and arbitrage 

Undercut revolutions and mediate 

Track records that bubble to economic 

Collapse, a typhoon’s imminent arrival. 

A Dusting ... A Dancing

A Dusting ... A Dancing

UCSC Found Poem

UCSC Found Poem