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Weekly Found Poem

Weekly Found Poem

Poised in valleys and canyons,

The next generation of stewards

To a public water fight

Choked the vote for wastewater.

“Improve the existing

Sweetened approval of education

And kitchen table lunch trips.”

The world was shifting into

Multiple pieces, to catch all that

Encroachment into the hills.

Complaint demands that neighbors accept

Devastating additions to

Toilet burglaries, give the

Law and fellow grandchildren the

Dreariness of winter elves, and

Capture an orchestra.

Extend good lab health and

Regards with a second chance for

Sight bones and the transitioned, local,

Rustic results of homemade breast libations.

Such miserable humor

Changes the knowing and

Hosting of volunteer members and their

Containers of clutter.

Their bags receive

Obligation certified

Grill amenities, on the

Cozy side.

NG Found Poem

NG Found Poem