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The Ghost and The Reaper

The Ghost and The Reaper

A ghost and a reaper
Met in a vegetable patch.

“I scare the living so bad,
They turn white as my sheet,”
The ghost boo-hooed.

“I literally terrify the
Living to death,”
The reaper moaned.

The ghost materialized and waved
And snapped a whip of ectoplasm.

The reaper swung his scythe.
It hissed and whistled through the air.

“Everyone always runs from me.
They never stay to play,”
The ghost complained.

“They all whisper and
Cry when I’m near,”
The reaper whined.

“We’re so cold, we’re hot,”
They chimed together in
Extravagant euphony.

“At least we have each other,”
The reaper cheered.

“I’m so glad I made you,”
The ghost said.

A ghost and reaper walked
Through the garden arm in arm and
Crooned their haunting harmony.

This Captured Creek

This Captured Creek

I Am

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