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The Smells

The Smells


See the laundry with the smells

Musty smells!

What a life of laziness the redolence


Oh the stink, stink, sink,

In the tight closed space.

They issue from my closet

While my roommate’s on the brink

From the funky fusty stink

Of the furry green deposit.

Keeping friends, pals, all

Away without a call.

To the frail olfactory membrane that so easily


In the presence of the smells, smells, smells, smells—

From the frowstiness and the bother of the smells.



See the rancid food that smells,

Rotten smells!

What a world of wastefulness the putrefaction


So much food we do not eat

Like the old and rotting meat!

Oh, what odor lingers here,

Like a scar?

My God it’s just to queer,

It smells of sticky, stale, split beer,

At a bar!

Despite the resounding yells

Of the housekeepers it fells,

How it swells!

How it dwells

In one’s home! How it tells

Of the raptures that it quells.

Oh, to the relentless proliferation

Of the smells, smells, smells,

Of the Smells, smells, smells, smells,

Smells, smells, smells—

Sense the ever pungent waxing of the smells!


With such utter desecration

I forgo an appellation